We believe a structured methodology is essential in ensuring the success of an event.
Outlined below are some of the organisational elements we work through with our clients.

The Brief : Without doubt, the most important element of planning any event. By working through a series of questions with our clients, this enables us to accurately establish their needs, understand their objectives and discuss their expectations.

The Initial Proposal : Having fully understood the needs and objectives of our clients, we then create an initial proposal outlining our concept and creative ideas.

Event Planning : Once the proposal has been agreed upon, we then undertake the planning of the event, attending to and managing every aspect in meticulous detail.

Event Management : Once the planning is complete, we undertake the production and management of every phase of the event on site.

Post Event Follow Up : At Jonathan Gray we believe a debrief to review an event to be essential. This enables us to ensure best practice in working with our clients and our suppliers at all times.